Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Valentines Day -- in May?

Uhm, not really--but if you remember back when I posted my offerings for the ATT (All Things Tim) group's Red & White Valentine's Tag swap (original post HERE) I was going to post photos of the tags I received.  So guess what?  I'm posting May!  I think it's fun to revisit past postings--that and the fact that I'm very delayed in getting this uploaded.  It was such a FUN swap, and I loved stretching my imagination when it came to working within the color guidelines of only two color families (red & white)...turned out to be more of a mind bender than I originally thought it would be.  But anyway...have a look at what these other clever designers came up with!

ATT tags from left to right:
Martha S., Donna S., Lisa L., Deb S., Kavi C., & Annette R.

designed by Kavi

designed by Annette
Thank you, Kavi & Annette, for agreeing to let me do a close-up view of your tags -- I appreciate you responding to my group mail...and for being so patient waiting for me to post the pictures.  You guys are awesome!

Thank you for popping in today!  Lisa


  1. Love all these tags! Always amazes me how grungy can be made so pretty!

  2. What a wonderful swap..its so fun to give and then receive others art. Know you wanted to try digital art...just pick one image and print it out.You dont have to work on it right away, but it will be there when u do. take care, gerri


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