Monday, May 2, 2011

Blogaversary Candy Day2

It's come around to the one year mark for my blog and I'm celebrating by giving away some blog candy!  If you haven't read Day 1's post (probably because I posted it rather late last night) you can read it HERE to get the details on how to be entered into the drawing.  Today in your comment I'm asking: What pets are part of your family?--and if you don't have any, then what would you say is your favorite animal? 



They love each other!
I have two dogs--toy poodles named Hercules (boy), and Lucky (girl).  We got Herc when he was about six weeks old at a Pet Store--but we actually rescued him, as he needed hip surgery and they were going to put him down.  We got the surgery and he is the most loving dog...LOVE people, and LOVES licking!  We have a sign for our front door that says "Beware, dog can't hold his licker!"  No joke...he really can't.  We've only had Lucky about a year and a half, but our dogs have known each other most of their lives.  Lucky was rescued by my sister, who nearly hit her while out driving one day--hence the name, "Lucky".  When my sister moved they weren't able to take her with them, so we eventually ended up taking her in.  She's been wonderful for Hercules who is fast losing his hearing. Together our dogs weigh 20 lbs total.  Ha ha...  Herc's an AKC registered phantom toy poodle under the name, "Sackett's Mighty Hercules", and Lucky has a mix of toy poodle and something else we're unsure of. But we've been very blessed to have them as a part of our family!

Today's blog candy is Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Spiced Marmalade!  You can check out a bit more information on it HERE--you can also search my blog for more Distress Ink projects.  

Guess I better go for now--Lucky's not feeling well today, so we're off to the vet for some meds. 

Have a wonderful day!  Lisa


  1. Terry2Dogs, so that would be dogs! Well I only have one now and a very mean, old and rotten to the core bird! My dogs have all been rescues and always will be. Cute pictures!!!

  2. I've always loved cats. We have no pets currently, but we used to have the sweetest calico. She was originally my step-d's cat, but when I came into the family she decided to make me her human. I felt privileged to be her favorite. Her name was Cali.

    I am a follower...........
    sitnknitn at yahoo dot com

  3. We have a 2 yr. old cockerspaniel names Maggie Mae. She rules the house and thinks she's human. We love her dearly! Your dogs are adorable. Thanks again for another great giveaway. Shari (cricutrookie)


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