Thursday, June 28, 2012

Organizing Clear & Cling Foam Stamps

UPDATE 8-27-13:  Check out My Craft Closet for a video of my stamp storage updates.

I'm popping in today to share how I store my clear & cling stamps.  If you hadn't yet guessed, I love organization, love, love them! Recently, I was a winner (out of 1119 commenters) of blog candy from Becca's blog:  Amazing Paper Grace (APG).  Oooo, if you haven't visited her blog before, you will just love her style of elegant cards & projects. 

The blog candy she offered was provided by -- I received 20 clear "dvd type" cases and 20 magnetic sheets, for organizing Spellbinder dies & cling stamps.  The cases are crystal clear, the price point is fantastic, and their customer service & shipping is simply amazing -- I received them within a couple days of winning!  I know I was a winner, but check out the TapeOnline product links below to see what I'm talking about; and while you're there you can see what the reviews are saying as well. 

Clear Stamp Cases
Magnetic Sheets

I don't have a lot of Spellbinder dies (the ones I do have were bought after seeing some lovely projects created by Becca on APG), but for the few I have I added the magnet sheets to the cases to store those dies.  I wrote the die information on the case spine with my white Sakura Souffle pen, and taped the packing/"sandwich" info to the back of the case.  For my dies, I like having the package information handy as it helps to see what the die should look like when cut.  If you haven't yet seen an earlier post for organizing my other diecut packaging, you can view the "Packaged Die Organizer" HERE.

I do have loads of stamps -- especially the little clear stamps that get easily lost or misplaced once they leave their little protective sheet.  So I used the clear cases for quite a few of my clear stamps -- obviously I'll have to buy more (you haven't seen my collection of Christmas stamps yet -- lol).  I love how clearly the stamps show through.  The clear stamps adhere to the plastic case quite well, and on many of the stamps I left top plastic overlay so I could determine what the stamped image actually was; in the case of no visible image for the clear stamps I intend to stamp the image on a piece of clear transparency to include in the case.  And instead of keeping the paper packaging for the stamps (with the stamp company name/image names), I just wrote with a large sharpie on the spine of the cases.  Some of the stamps packaging fit perfectly into the cases, so I included them with the stamps.

Originally this bin held my CTMH stamps, but I've since moved them --
so I guesss I need to re-label this bin.  =)
I store my cling foam stamps in bins (they were part of rolling bin set but the frame & rollers broke) that I keep on an old bookshelf.   The cling foam stamps are a bit thicker, & the packaging larger, so I store those in pocket envelopes.  The refill pockets were originally made for Tim Holtz' Stamp Binder, but since I have so many of the cling mount stamps I find it easier to have the pockets in this bin as well, so I can leaf through them at a glance.

Since space is always at a premium, as often as we move, I have un-mounted some of my wood block stamps and put them on EZFoam to create a cling mounted rubber stamp.  However, I do still have some wooden stamps that I keep in a labeled drawers that I don't intend on un-mounting...yet.  

There's a lot you can do with these clear cases besides thin metal dies & stamps.  Check out another cool organization idea that Becca used them for:  Inky Nib organizer

Now I wonder...what would you use them for?  TFSB!  Lisa

Many, many thanks go out to Becca of Amazing Paper Grace, and Emily at -- I love my new organization goodies. You guys are absolutely lovely! 


  1. Very impressive organization! I'm due for a big re-org myself.

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