Friday, June 1, 2012

Just a Note for the Graduate


I'm back today with some Graduation cards I've been working on.  I used my Cricut Expression2 Anniversary edition (CE2) for these cards...which is important to note...since the cartridge for this particular type card is preloaded on the machine, and called "Just A Note".  I also used the Wrap it Up cart. 

The concept is fairly simple...which is basically cardstock folded into thirds...with the left side foldover cut off 1/3 way down, and the right side foldover cut off 2/3 way down for a tiered tri-fold card.  However, using the CE2 to cut out the words and images did make it a lot easier -- except when you're making four of them in the various school colors.  LOL.  I'd have to say that took a bit more time, but I really like the way they turned out. 

I actually made three, then had another grad announcement from a friend for her Bachelor's I made a fourth.  The last one I made I used a German foil for the banners, celebrate, & tassel.  It was a bit more delicate to cut, so I used a medium paper setting and cut it out at a slower speed.  Speaking of the German foil, if you missed the post using it for faux Dresden, you can check it out HERE..

All the banner cards were cut at 5 1/2" including the layered features (card & card layers). When cutting the banners for the inside feature I used the flip feature to mirror the image.  The Graduate w/Hat phrase was cut from the Wrap it Up cartridge at 2 1/2", but for the tassel I used the layer feature and cut it at 2". 

I added a colored mat backing to give the cards a bit more depth & color (they just seemed a bit plain).  I inked the banners on three of the grad cards according to their school colors -- that way I could use white deco paper for all the banner cuts, yet have them match the cards individually.  I also added a quote, and used stickles to "bling" up the cards just a bit.  To finish these cards up, I rolled up a check ($$) and tied it with hemp cord 4-5x then adhered it to the card (diploma style) by using 1/4" score tape on the back layer of hemp cording.  I ran distress markers over the bows for additional color.  The diploma (check) can easily be removed by pulling it out of the cording.

For the foiled card -- the foil was a bit delicate to cut for the wording and had to be pieced in some areas, but on the whole it turned out great.  Because it's quite a thin foil I didn't even have to pull out my Cuttlebug to emboss the banner pieces.  I just set them inside the Spots & Dots embossing folder and pressed with my fingers -- can't get easier than that.  =)  I added a sticker diploma that had red in the ribbon, so I used a Sakura Glaze pen in blue to change out the color.  I left a slight shadow of the red on the edges for the look of dimension.  Finally, I used photo corners to hold in a gift card...adding a quote just behind it to show once it is removed.

Congratulations to all the graduates this year...You Did It!!  Lisa


  1. Lisa, you left me the most delightful comment on my blog and I wanted to thank you so much -- you made my day!! I sat down with my coffee to browse and wanted you to know that I love your mixed media style!! Thanks again!!

  2. What an awesome card Lisa! TY for your help!


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