Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Notably Me

As a military wife, mother of two nearly grown boys, and all around crafting enthusiast: I get excited putting ideas together and creating new craft projects; and almost always they are given away as gifts. A little over ten years ago, while living in England, I found I was continuously buying cards to send home...and it was getting pricey. So I decided to start making my own -- I began by using stickers (I used to collect loads of them in high school, and I guess it carried over), but today my craft room tells another story. If I thought buying a few cards back then was pricey, I couldn't have guessed what I'd be spending on supplies, tools, & all the fun stuff I just had to have! Growing up I remember my mom helping me make craft projects for school out of things we had around the house – like using Kleenex boxes & thread spools for the basis of dollhouse furniture. I guess that’s where my love of repurposing came from. At some point in the past five or six years, I began looking at all the cool packaging and such that I was throwing away. I began thinking about saving money, again. I started making substitutions for store bought items and found it really was amazing what I could do with everyday items. I began teaching “Creative Cards” to friends, church groups, spouse groups, & more. Many who couldn't initially afford to get into this arena of crafting were able to finally get involved. Today, whenever a teach a class I always try to give the most bang for their buck by giving lots of useful information...about saving a buck or two by repurposing. One of the gals recently said to me at the end of class, "I wish I had brought a tape recorder to class." That got me thinking about blogging. I've never blogged before (not sure I really know how), but I decided I'd like to try it. I'd like to use this blog to show a variety of tips & techniques for making cards & gift items: some by using the latest/greatest trends & supplies, and others by showing how you can spend little to no money. My favorite medium to use is paper—there are so many things you can create simply, and it takes little to no experience to start. Since I began making cards in 1999, I have expanded my crafting mediums & techniques to be inclusive of a variety of ephemera, and the joy I derive is totally in the giving. Both the accomplishment of making the gift yourself, and the pleasure of bringing someone else enjoyment by giving it away adds up to a whole lot fun. And if you decide to keep it for yourself, you can enjoy it for a long time to come!