Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blogaversary Candy Day3

Hello Blogger friends!  Today is day3 of my blogaversary candy!  If you are just joining us, check in at my Day1 Post for all the deets, and how you can have a chance to win--I'll be picking two winners to celebrate going into my 2nd year of blogging.  Woo Hoo!! 

I'll resume my Sip n'Tip Tuesday next week...I'm so excited about it too--as it's something I came up with a while ago and taught my classes in the past, but I've researched the web and to my knowledge it hasn't been shown before.  Check back in next Tuesday-- at least I think it's pretty cool.  =)

CREATING THE HIVE NOTE:  For those of you following my blog feeds on Creating the Hive--You'll need to visit my blog on the web HERE, to post your comments for the drawing. The Randomizer I'll be using is only able to pick names from this Blog site.  This is a first for me, so maybe the next blog candy I give away I'll be able to work out the kinks. 

Thank you for celebrating with me--I love reading all your comments as you answer my "question of the day".  Hopefully you're learning a little bit more about me, as I am about you.  However, I think I forgot to mention, in all my excitement of my Day1 posting, that my favorite cuppa hot tea is Chai tea Latte!  Oooo Yum!  I have this great powdered mix I like called Caffe de' Vita Enchanted Chai.  I fill my mug about 3/4 of the way with boiling water, then add one Tbsp of Vanilla Creamer, and top it off with milk.  The crowning glory is whipped cream w/cinnamon & sugar sprinkled over the top.  YUMM-Y!  I actually have a wonderful Chai recipe for a homemade version, given to me by my sister inlaw Stephanie, that I LOVE.  I'll have to share that another time...but these Chai's are also great as an iced Chai Frappe.  Today, I'm prefering the hot version--Mmmm, okay...moving right along.

Today's question is along the lines of crafting, "In your down time (don't laugh), what type of crafting do you like to do?"  This is a pretty broad category, as each of likes something a bit different--no wrong answers here.  If you're not really into arts/crafts, and you happen to get a bit of down time, just let me know what you like doing.  As for me, when I can just sit down and do my own thing without having any sort of an agenda--I absolutely LOVE card making!  I like having several on hand so I can send to friends/family on a whim.  Has anyone ever seen the movie Bed of Roses?  I love that movie--but I really like how he enjoys giving flowers to people knowing that the thought alone that someone sent them flowers is enough to make a person's day.  I guess I see the same thing with sending cards--I like to think about someone smiling on the other end.  I do have to mention that my stash is quite low as of today, and this week is SUPER busy as I'm continuously working on our Mother-Daughter Tea Party for this weekend.  I'll be posting about that starting next week...but I thought I'd throw in a sneak peak--I'm using the DCWV Lemon Flower Stack.  Fab Papers!! 

As for today's candy?  Today I have clear baubles!  If you've ever seen Dew Drops, they're similar but not quite the same product.  However, what I Love about these clear ones is that you can color them quite easily to match your project using markers or alcohol inks.  But if you just leave them clear, they'll pick up the color of the paper lying underneath.  And easy to attach with a spot of glue that dries clear, or a strong dry adhesive. 

Okay, comments ready.....Go!


  1. You did say there are no wrong answers! In my down time, the crafting I do, is cleaning up the crafting mess I made! He!He!

  2. Congrats on your blogaversary! Crafting in my down time...is sleeping a craft? LOL When I'm creating I'm usually working on an oil pastel drawing so when I'm not doing that I'd be making candles...which has become a bit of a job...so down time, yeah, that would be sleeping! Congrats again!


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