Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sip n' Tip Tuesday: Ink Blending Tool Fixative

I just finished my morning cuppa Mango tea, sent to me from friends in Bury St. Edmunds, England--and now I'm so excited to bring you this FABULOUS tip!  Well, at least I'M super excited. 

As you might already know, I love my Tim Holtz ink blending tool -- great for blending color on projects, and I use it a lot!  And if you have used it, you also know that you need to hold onto the prickly white velcro piece when taking off the blending foam or the velcro will become dis-attached from the adhesive holding it onto the handle.  Well, I've found this wonderful dry adhesive that holds onto the velcro piece firmly on its own while you pull off the blending foam.  I've fixed all my ink blending tools with this adhesive and I'm SO loving it.  Can I tell you that it works for soooo much more?!  I also used it to fix the foam strip back to the door of my van--no joke!

You might remember I blogged about making a box for my DH to hold his industrial strength adhesive (you can check it out HERE), back in April.  Well, that's the adhesive I'm talking about--MacBond is what is in my DH toolbox, but I believe you can use the industrial version of UGlu made by the same company (which is now readily available)! 

You need to use non-stick scissors (I use TH Tonic scissors) to cut the adhesive to size, while keeping the release paper in place.  For fixing the Blending Tool, first remove the white velcro piece while keeping the black sticky foam in place.  Then you use it like double stick tape--removing one side of the release paper adhere one side to the sticky black foam originally holding the velcro -- keep the other side of the release paper in place on the adhesive and press firmly to the foam on the handle.  Remove the remaining release paper and press velcro firmly in place.  Now you can add your blending foam and pull on/pull off as needed without the worry of pulling off your velcro piece too.  Love it! 

But wait...there's more -- this adhesive has awesome staying power, but did you know you can also easily remove this adhesive!  Yes, way!  You've probably seen those removable wall tabs, where you can hang a picture, but you can remove it without residue to your wall by pulling the tab holding the adhesive and it slowly releases it from the wall?  Well, this adhesive works by the same method.  You'll have to grab onto the adhesive (push the adhesive into a small bunch you can pinch) and pull carefully keeping somewhat level with the surface -- which somehow changes the molecular structure to allow the glue to be released.  Is that not the coolest thing?  I'm telling you, fixing stuff not only in the craft room, but around the house never became easier!  And now you know why I bought this stuff for my DH toolbox--and yet, I'm using it in my craft room!  LOL.

The packaging says it can be used on:  carpet, canvas, fabrics, plastic, metal, glass, paper, wood, brick (I saw the demo with brick--very cool!), wallpaper, foam board, craft foam, ceiling tile, fiberglass, tile, granite, cement, ceramics, drywall, laminates, leather, & styrofoam.

As of the writing of this post, if you have a company name and live in North America you can go to the MacTac website and order a free sample.  Start by clicking at the bottom of the home page for North America, and then under "How can we help you?" clicking on "I know my MacTac product, I want to order a sample". 

To find out where you can purchase UGlu click HERE.

Well, that's it for today.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Wow these glues are amazing. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. Thanks for your lovely comments today, you are so sweet.
    take care, gerri

  2. I can't believe you have a friend,
    in Bury st Edmunds, I used to work there, and I lived in Stowmarket.. a long time ago now, small world..we were there last year !!!!


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