Friday, May 20, 2011

A Surprise Visit

Mother's Day was awesome this year!  My hubby and youngest son, Cody, got me the new Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary edition and treated me to dinner at Red Lobster (one of my favorites) on Saturday night so we didn't have to wait in a long line on Sunday (my DH is very smart that way).  We also had our friend, Ruby, come into town for a visit while on temporary duty assignment here, and came to dinner with us -- which was so enjoyable.  It's always so nice having visitors, especially when you move so often. 

Sunday (Mother's Day) after church we went home and my hubby grilled out burgers & hot dogs.  Ruby came over and brought lovely pink tulips & Rocher chocolates, and more BBQ fixin's.  We had just finished eating and sat down to relax when I looked out the window and saw some guy walking up the entryway to our house with a tree.  I must've screamed out loud, because my DH and Ruby both jumped as I realized almost immediately it was my oldest son, Nathan -- he had driven 8 hours to spend a couple days with me for Mother's Day!  And he brought me a Hibiscus tree too, just on the verge of flowering.  Apparently Cody & Chris were in on this surprise, and Ruby found out just before she came over for the grill out.  Usually I'm pretty quick to pick up on surprises...but I guess not this time.  I was totally in the dark!

What a lovely Mother's day it was--I'll never forget the image of Nathan walking up to our front door.  I made him repeat it so I could take a picture...the best surprise visit ever!

The first bloom!

me & my boys

Together at last!

It was such a wonderful visit with my entire family being together -- and that's all this mother really needs!  =)

God Bless!


  1. Now that was a Happy Mother's day! A Cricut and a special visit! How fun for you! Have a great weekend!

  2. What a wonderful Mothers Day celebration.!Thanks for yr sweet comments on my peony painting today. Ohh in my mug is usually Chai tea, nothing stronger. LOL. gerri


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