Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sip n' Tip Tuesday: An Envelope That Fits

At some point or other we all "collect" a variety of mismatched envelopes--extra envelopes from Christmas Cards, a card that was hand delivered with the envelope left blank, yard sales, etc.  Instead of getting rid of those oversized envelopes that don't seem to fit anything, I've got a technique that will show you not only how to get those envelopes to fit your card size, but also how to use them for your dimensional cards.

Take the envelope you want to use and center your card on the front (do not adhere). Leaving approximately 1/8" around the perimeter of the card score the envelope on all four sides.

NOTE: Use a score board for easy scoring; but if don't have a score board you can use your paper trimmer (move the blade down & out of the way) and use a stylus to score in the grooved area of the trimmer. If you don't have a stylus, you can use a ballpoint pen w/the ink removed).

After scoring your envelope, set aside your card.

Cut out the notches from the corners nearest the envelope flap (this will help the card to fit inside easily and the envelope to lay flat).

UPDATE:  You can cut the corners off the bottom of the envelope to the score line -- this will help eliminate some bulk as you press the folds into the envelope to flatten it out to the new size. 

Open the envelope and use your fingers and/or bone folder to open the scored edges, pushing the outer edges of the envelope into the inside of envelope so that the edges you scored become the envelope boundaries. With the edges folded in, you can see how your envelope will be sized to fit your card, and how the extra dimension allows for thicker embellishments.  On the photo above I did not cut off my bottom corners -- I folded in the corners instead. If you have glitter or confetti added to your card, you might want this option so they don't fall out.

If you have a flat card and don't need the extra bulk of the envelope for dimensional elements, then use a glue stick to seal the scored edges together around the perimeter of the envelope.  For the scored part on top of the envelope flap at the folded hinge, you'll want to adhere that section together regardless of whether you are inserting a dimensional card or not. 

If you have dimensional brads, or other items that make your card bumpy, you can add a cardstock protector for the front of your card to protect your embellishments during the postage process.  And by the way, using a piece of cardstock to cover your embellishments on your card helps to cut the cost of postage, as the postmaster has the authority to charge extra if he/she can feel embellishments through the envelope.

I got a Bunch of envelopes free at a garage sale a while back, but instead of making a card to fit my envelope I would usually make the card first, then hope I have an envelope that fits.  This has made it so much easier to choose the envelope I want, and modify it to fit most any card. 

**You can right click on any image (open in new tab) to enlarge the picture for close-up detail.**

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