Monday, November 14, 2011

Book of Treasures - Saving the Day, The Finale!

This is the final installment of The Martinacious Book of Treasures.  This interactive mini-book was made for my five year old nephew, Marty., and started out with a survey I sent for him to complete (with his parent's help) and return to me with questions that would tell me "all-about-Marty".  I also included a dollar to thank him for completing the survey.  =)

If you've missed the previous posts you can click on the links below which includes the YouTube video showing how this interactive book works:

and now...Saving the Day, The Finale! 

This last layout page culminates with my nephew's love of sword play.  I asked my DH to "pose" with his sword he got in England, so that the engraving on the sword could be seen.  It's pretty cool --even has the Statue of Liberty in the globe at the top of the handle.  Normally, it simply hangs on the wall as decoration, but I knew I wanted to use it for the last layout page and tinker with the symbolics a bit.  Such as his uniform, God's Warrior epoxy sticker, and the verse in Ephesians, (which I cut out of scrapbook paper) relating to the armour of God.  He was a good sport -- since it was for our nephew.  =)

I used an epoxy sticker for the helmet, and used my Cricut to cut the shield & sword (shield - Sentimentals cartridge, sword - Indie Art cartridge).  I adhered the shield on two sides so that the sword would be secured behind it, but could also be easily removed. 

I had the idea the the sword could be used as a bookmark, but I wanted it a bit more interactive so I made a sheath for it as well (using the shadow feature on Indie Art for the sword, and a bit of scissor-cutting).   I wrote on the back of the sheath with a Glaze Pen so the ink would have an embossed feel.  I love those Glaze Pens!  Both the shield and the sword were "painted" with Perfect Pearls so that they have a shimmer look to them.

 And under the photo flap I adhered the vellum quote "Saving the Day" with Tombow mono dots to give it the chainmail armour "look", and wrote "At the cross" with silver gel pen.  The epoxy sticker that I had off the side of my hubby's picture was covered on the back with Perfect Pearls, which removed the stickiness and gave it some semblance of a sunset look.  I cut the cross from the Indie Art cartridge and painted Perfect Pearls on it as well.  The blue cardstock for the page is from  Bo Bunny.

The back of the mini-book shows a silver butterfly sticker, a little hamster sticker (something else from his survey), and "heart" Aunt Lisa (cut from Love Struck, Printing Press, & Plantin Schoolhouse cartridges).

And finally...the back of the book holder -- which is the backside of the inspirational scrapbook paper.  I used silver gel pen to write all the things he had listed on his survey from a variety of categories -- most of which I used in some way in the book. 

Thanks for joining me in this "mini" series. 
The End!  Lisa


  1. Oh Lisa, this interactive book turned out so cute for you nephew ( who is going to love it, no doubt! )

  2. Oh my. Awesome. Love the Youtube video. It was fun and interactive for all of us!

  3. I loved the Pirate page too! I remember those song lyrics! You put so much work into this! The secret pocket and bookmark was wicked-cool!!!



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