Friday, November 11, 2011

Book of Treasures - Pirates and Dolphins

Okay, I know dolphins & pirates really don't go together, but in this case I made an exception.  This is probably one of my favorite pages of my nephew's mini book - The Martinacious Book (of Treasures).  What's really cool about this page, that you can't "hear" on this post, is the sound the dolphins make when the page is turned and this layout is opened up.  If you haven't seen the YouTube video of this book yet, you can check it out HERE -- so you can "hear".  =)  (sorry, that was a bit lame.  ha ha)

The mechanism I used to create this, is actually -- a store bought card!  Yep, the blue background has a white tab that pulls when the card is opened to create the sound already built into the original card.  I simply cut the card to fit the size of my book and created all my own thematic embellishments using my Cricut.
 Because the sound mechanism added a lot of bulk, I lifted up the pirate image (Cricut Love Struck cartridge) with mounting foam and tucked in a "treasure" of real money from the Federal Reserve, just behind the Arrrrr.  I had to take some of the money out of the packet to fit, so it lowered the value to about $ was a bit inflated anyway.  LoL

 Of course the money's not the real "Treasure"...

I continued to use elements from my nephew Marty's survey (I had him fill this out, and I used it to customize his book).  I added names of his friends & sisters into the book, giving them each their own small part.  For the sand, I used tan cardstock which I ripped and inked, and made it into a pocket which holds the chocolate coins. 

I made the water elements, dolphins, swimmers, etc from the Cricut Life is a Beach cartridge, adding ink and gel pen highlights.  I gotta say...some of the smaller pieces (such as the bubbles & stripes on the trunks) were a little persnickety to play around with, but they were so worth it -- I really was pleased to make it unique. 

And what Pirate could be complete without his own pirate treasure map?  I used my circle punch for the half circle punched out of the page, and adhered it to a cardstock map which I put my own spin on.

I decided to make this map as a guide for his interactive book.  If he missed something the first time through the book, he would be able to look at the map and find all the hidden "treasures".  I didn't want to hide the map too well so he wouldn't see it...or how would he be able to use it.  But I did have it tuck neatly into a side pocket. 

I used a black sharpie to write the page being referenced, then I used a silver gel pen for all that pages information.  Depending on how you look at the map in the light will depend on what you'll be able to read with the silver pen.  Finally, I used a fine red tip marker to separate each page layout...he's just been reading a bit at five years old, but maybe this will be a good incentive to help him learn.  And of course his parents are there to help as well.

Funny thing about this map...when I was showing the book on YouTube and got to this map, I'm glad I read part of it.  Turned out I forgot to show the secret hidden pocket I made for the Star Wars page.  I had to go to back to show it...but I guess you could say the map worked!  Ha ha...

 As this page layout turns into the last page you can see I made a larger pocket to hold a mini album.  I used black grosgrain ribbon for binding the pocket sides, just adhered with Score-tape.  The mini photo album has an elastic silver cording & tassel which is easily pulled to withdrawal the book.

 The mini photo book is made with black cardstock and includes many things my nephew had in his survey.  This is Marty's recent photo from Disney.  Perfect Pirate!  ha ha

 For each photo I included I left the opposite side blank with black cardstock.  He can choose to add more photos or use a gel pen to write on the pages. 

 I had to include this page!  My son used to dress up his floor with his "designs".  One of the items in Marty's survey he said he liked was to "Find Snakes".  So I put this page in as a teaser.  When he got his book it took him a bit of time to find it.  He decidedly did not want help from his parents either.  When he did find it, my brother sent me a picture of him pointing to it.  That was so cool!

COUSINS:  Cody & Marty
Well Guys...only one more page layout left!  I can't wait to show you some of the other things I've been working on.  Whew...

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Thanks for hanging in there...Lisa


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    this book is amazing. I looked at all the post and wow!It is a very special gift. Loved seeing yr DH pic with the sword too! take care, gerri


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