Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Book of Treasures - Bugs

If you haven't seen my YouTube video for this book yet, you can view it HERE.  I'll be going through the book this week for some extra information on the pages I created.  The book has already been delivered to its new owner, and I have it on good authority (from his parents) that Marty loves his book!  Yeah! 

As mentioned in my video & previous post, I created a survey to send to my five year old nephew asking all sorts of fun questions regarding his likes & dislikes and such.  I also sent a dollar with the survey to thank him for taking the time to complete and return the survey to me (with parents help of course).  The survey will be great to look back on years later...maybe in a scrapbook layout?  I then used the survey to create this personal & interactive book for him.

I began by making my pages first (before the cover), that way I could decide if I wanted a separate order for them, pockets, etc.  Each book page measured 5 3/8" square, and each page layout was approximately 5 3/8" x 10 3/4".  Some pages were lengthened by 1/4" or so to accomodate extra embellishments or pockets needing additional width.  For each layout page, I only created the inside pages and, when folded, kept the front & back clean until I was ready to assemble the book.  To give the book additional support after it was completed, I made a sturdy binder/holder out of chipboard & sticky back canvas before covering it with scrapbook papers.

The book image below shows the page layouts completely put together with velcro latch, and ring pull.  I used sticky back canvas for the binding, and grosgrain ribbon for the latch & attachments...all this was hidden under an additional 5 3/8" deco cardstock front/back.  For more precise instructions & visual aid, I'll be sharing a video on this binding method -- coming soon. 

After opening the velcro latch, a ribbon pull is the first interactive feature.

The ribbon pull reveals a Bug Barn with a lot of bug stickers.  I found a picture of a bug barn online (one of his favorite toys) and printed it directly onto cardstock, after manipulating the color and adding the Bug Barn Title box.  I corner-rounded the edges and added edged with Walnut Stain ink.

On the other side I used a sticker of a 1975 Beetle Voltswagon and added more bugs and the title "The busy of days of Summer!" I also printed a petite wallet picture of my brother & nephew onto thin copy paper, cut their faces to fit in the car windows, and adhered with Scotch Quick Dry glue. This added more snippets of his survey: spending time w/Dad, loving summer, the color green, and keeping bizzzzy.

Before I sent the book, I used a tape gun to change the Beetle's year to 2006...the year my nephew was born. So already, before the book has even been opened he has a lot to look at and pick up on. This helps make the book interesting enough to see something new each time it's looked at, and stimulates the brain -- working out any "hidden" messages.

Thanks for checking in -- hope you're having a bug-free day.  I love those!  Lisa

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  1. Love this book of treasure bugs and the last bug is so darn cute! Hope all is well!


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