Friday, November 11, 2011

Book of Treasures - Courageous

Continuing with the next page layout of the Book of Treasures, I didn't want to leave out my nephew's dislikes from the survey I had him fill out.  So I decided to use them in a unique way on this page by creating the antithesis of the things he didn't like -- more on that down a bit further in this post. 

In the photo above, my son Cody is on the left, and my nephew Marty is on the right...or at least his head is.  I used a picture of Cody when he was about 9yrs old sword-fighting (toys) with a friend.  In Marty's survey he said he liked sword-fighting with Cody, so I did a cut & paste for his face replacement.  The cross shape was cut from the Cricut Indie Art cartridge.

The vellum overlay is attached to a cardstock base with a photo that easily slides into a side pocket of the book. 

The bulls-eye zone (AKA The "X" zone) was also cut with Cricut's Indie Art cartridge, and the circles are some of the remaining cuts from the Star Wars layout.  I used a piece of transparency acetate to make the pocket, and backed the pocket with mirror paper.  The Choosing Medallions are tucked behind the blue disc and have cording to pull for either side.
The Choosing Medallions have a blue and a red eyelet side.  If you pull the red side, you'll see the things my nephew listed on his survey as his dislikes:  shirts w/collars, the sight of blood, and being bothered while playing (I ad-libbed a bit on the discs).  Then on the blue side is different perspective of those dislikes.  Just another interactive element for his mini book. 

For the parts of the book you may have missed, you can use the links below to check them out:

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And speaking of "Courageous",  have you seen the movie yet?  I haven't had a chance yet, but I've heard it's very good, and can't wait to go see it.  You can click on the links for the movie trailer and theme song. 

Courageous Movie Trailer
"Courageous" by Casting Crowns

Finally, I can't end this "Courageous" post without sincerely thanking all our Veterans who have served, are still serving, and have given their lives for our freedom.  God Bless you all!

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