Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Supercalifragilistic Proper English Tea - Tea Party Part5

A Supercalifragilistic Proper English Tea
"Practically Perfect in Every Way"
 Well, today is the final installment of my five part Tea Party series!  If you are just joining in, you can click on the links for the other postings:

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Today I'm ending the series with the actual event highlights--and integrating all the other parts of the series into the "main event".  This was SO much fun, but definitely a lot of work went into it.  Though we had a planning team of six, we had some extra help with the decorations and food assembly which really helped in final preparations.  One of the things that made this tea party so fun was that several men & teenage boys from our church, including my husband & son, waited on us ladies!  They plated the food, served the food & beverages, and even washed the dishes!  You might even say that they were at our "beck and call".  Just don't tell my hubby I said that -- LOL.  They weren't so interested in our tea party food for we made sure to have plenty of pizza for their hearty appetites.

I guess the best way to tell the story is through pictures, and there's a lot -- but I hope you enjoy the journey!

Morning of...sandwich prep!  Audra, Marilyn, & Marion
Before the guests arrive

Menu, Table Number, and Tea & Conversation Cards

Parasols for the "young" ladies, and Door Prize baskets.
Door Prize questions were based on the Tea & Conversation Cards!
Final preparations for a cute skit dancing with umbrellas
Let the tea party begin!

Tea Time with friends

Mary Poppins (aka Julie) has arrived!
My son, Cody, waiting tables

My husband, Chris, in the background helping the guests.

Our waiter serving tea to Marilyn & her Mom

"First of all I would like to make one thing quite clear...
I never explain anything."

Jenny Land, our speaker (Julie's sister)
Spoke on our conversation w/God, and each other...
a wonderful speaker!

Alice in Wonderland teacup, brought by one of our guests.
I love this tea cup -- I'm a big Alice fan!
Our wonderful planning group for this fabulous tea party:
Audra, me, Julie, Lisa, Marilyn, & Debbie

It was so nice to have my guys here,
since I didn't have any family nearby!
It also wasn't half bad to be waited on by them either.  LOL

Finishing the dishes -- and happy about it!
John, Marilyn's hubby, and Chris...mine.  =)
Now if they'd only do this at home...[sigh]
Thank you for joining me on this fun Tea Party adventure!  I hope it inspires you to invite someone over for conversation and tea...or whatever it is you enjoy...remembering to enjoy each moment, as they pass by much quicker than you think.

Finally, as I conclude this series, let me leave you with the scripture that was the cornerstone of our tea party: 
"Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."  I Timothy 4:12

Blessings, Lisa

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  1. Wonderful finish to this amazing tea story. Got to see yr cute hubby too! Such a wonderful event. Loved following it through all the stages. hugs, gerri


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