Friday, June 24, 2011

Craft Scrubbie Holder

I love my Craft Scrubbie by Ranger Ink!  This wonderful little scrubber gets nearly all (if not all) the ink & gunk off your hands after a messing bout of crafting (a great buy for less than $5)!  And somehow I always seem to work up to the minute I have to go somewhere, and by getting this scrubbie wet and adding some liquid soap I'm able to clean up quickly & efficiently--and totally safe for the kiddos too.  I highly recommend this little beauty!  Which leads me to my little repurposed project today -- When I first got it I would leave my scrubbie on the sink and then pack it back in the plastic packaging for my craft bag, but it fit SO well into one of those travel soap containers that I started carting it around with me in one of those. 

The travel soap box I had was solid white and boring -- so I decided to give it more pizzaz!  Working on a non-stick craft sheet, I used Tim Holtz felt applicator and dabbed on TH Adirondack alcohol inks in various colors/shades:  Latte, Butterscotch, Cranberry, Current, Eggplant, & metallic Silver.  I did a lot of experimenting with colors, so there could be more.  The master of alcohol ink (Tim Holtz) makes mention in his techniques that you'll have to know when to stop--he wasn't kidding.  Ha ha...  He's got some great tutorials for using alcohol ink -- here's a good one to get your feet wet ---> HERE.  You're gonna love what all these inks can do!

I used a die cut circle in the same colors I used on the soap box and added some silver gel pen dots, and wrote craft scrubbie with a black sharpie.  Then I laminated it, cut it out and adherd it to the front of the box with foam dots.  The foam and plastic keep any water that comes in contact with it at bay.  I used the Ultimate glue to adhere the sheer silver ribbon to the inside of the lid--mostly a decorate element, but you could actually create a handle for your box this way as well.  I've picked my box up by the ribbon on occassion and it's held up quite well.

Sorry I don't have a "before" picture,
but hopefully the white on the inside gives you the idea.
A couple of things to note...before you begin your project, you'll want to wipe down your clean soap box with alcohol to remove any oils or residues.  Also, I did not ink the inside of my box or the bottom -- but that's entirely optional as water doesn't affect the alcohol inks once they are dry. 

Well, that's it for today -- wow...can you believe two posts this week?!

Thanks for checkin' in -- I hope your weekend is fabulous!  Lisa


  1. Brilliant! I love my scrubbie too Lisa! x

  2. How cool, that's a fantastic idea.

  3. What a fun box for your scrubbie! very creative and fun.... Great class...glad you shared your idea..Mine is just in a soap dish..

  4. Awesome Idea! I will have to dedicate a special place for mine too. Today was the first time I ever used it & now I can see why it is beloved. TFS your awesome craft scrubbie storage. ;)

  5. Great idea. Thanks for sharing! You are probably going to start a trend with this.

  6. Fabulous idea - love the crafty and practical idea! Thanks so much for sharing your idea in the forum.


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