Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SNT Tuesday - Change Your Binding Solutions

Hello Bloggers. I'm sorry this is later getting posted than I'd hoped...today we celebrated my son's 16th birthday with his friends, and I'm just back to getting settled in for the night.  But I wanted to post a quick tip for today: solutions for changing your binding pages for books & minis, and more, when it's already pre-set for a specific binding technique (i.e. changing from 3 ring binder holes to Bind-it-All or Cinch type holes, etc.).

I came up with this idea when I found some 4x6 photo pages on clearance for 75% off. I bought lots of them so I could make a photo book for my hubby's photography. The thing is...he had just bought me a Bind-it-All (BIA) for Christmas and I wanted to finally use it to bind his photography book, but the pages I bought all had three holes with slits for use in a post bound album.

Enter Tim Holtz Tissue Tape!! This stuff is amazing!! It's sticky backed tissue with an adhesive that allows you to position it in place and reposition it again without any residue coming off on your project, or ripping the paper.

So how did I fix my binding dilemma? I decided to wrap the binding edges of the photo pages with the tissue tape! That's it! I simply wrapped the tape completely around the edges top to bottom and effectively sealed off the original post holes and I ran the pages through my BIA for the new binding!

You could probably use masking tape or something similar if you didn't have Tissue Tape, but I love that he has made a wonderful variety of designs. Also, he has a lot of other ideas and things you can do with this Tissue Tape as well on his Blog (Tissue Tape Ideas), including adding color! I chose to leave mine as is, but this Tissue Tape is very versatile.

You might be able to click on the photo to enlarge it
and just make out the holes that were covered up by the
Tissue Tape.  I tried to point out the more obvious ones.
I'll post a bit more about the completed photography book in a later post -- keep in mind that it was my first time to use my Bind-it-All. You'll get to see my mistakes...ha ha...and hopefully not make the same ones I did.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Lisa

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  1. Brillant idea! I love that tissue tape too. I swear I am coming up with a way to make it myself! Happy BDay to your son! Thanks for visiting today...take care dearie, gerri


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