Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bosco & Tea -- Not For Me

Cricut Circle Recipe Challenge using:
A Title, 2+ Cricut Cuts, & 3 or more Buttons
A while back my hubby & I were at a specialty store with old fashioned candies when I saw a "Bosco" chocolate bar.  I was so excited because I remembered growing up with my parents telling me about drinking Bosco in their milk when they were kids.  I guess it was something like Ovaltine??  The memory I have wasn't of them telling me how it tasted, but of a silly/irreverent kid's rhyme they used to sing.  I guess there used to be an advertisement singing, "I love Bosco, Bosco is for me...", However,  the jingle my parents sang was very different -- kids making up songs, just as they do today -- but apparently it stayed with me all these years.  Ha Ha...left an impression on me.  We used to laugh about it -- still do.  ANYWAY...said all that, to say that I Finally got around to making it into a pull-up treat for my Mom.  And since I'm seeing her this weekend, I'll be taking it with me (gee, I hope the chocolate's still good).  =)

The jingle that inspired this strangely titled treat wrapper goes like this:  "I hate Bosco, Bosco ain't for me.  Mommy puts it in my milk to try and poison me!  Well, I fooled Mommy.  I put it in her tea.  Now there ain't no Mommy, to try and poison me!"   Hard to believe the kids were singing this in the 50's...ha ha!!  I guess it's like anything that's supposed to be good for you...when you're kids, you just think your parents are out to get you.  Anyway...moving right along...

I'm also using this for one of Cricut Circle's blogaversary challenges, the Recipe Challenge, where I needed to have A Title, 2+ Cricut cuts, and 3 or more buttons.  The Title word "your" and the silver Tea Set (cut from mirror paper) was cut from the Heritage cartridge, and the Tea Cup & the words "Drink, Tea" was cut From My Kitchen cartridge -- the word was actually "Drinks", but I cut off the 's'. 

My Mom and I both actually love our tea.  So this is just a joke I think she'll get a kick out of -- good memories & fun times!  I forgot to photograph the back where I put the irreverent jingle.  But it's there...and I'm sure she'll figure it out as soon as she pulls the ribbon.  Ha ha....

For more info on the treat wrapper & to see a previous version I made for my hubby, you can check it out HERE.

Thanks for letting me indulge my wacky side.  =)
Have a great day, and don't forget to "Drink Your Tea".  Lisa

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  1. Funny how those "anti" product songs stick with you. I remember the Bosco one but there was also a version of the old Winston cigarette commercial that went "Winston's taste bad, that's the last one I'll have, no filter, no flavor, just 15 yards of toilet paper."


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