Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SNT Tuesday - Glimmer Mist Containment

Happy Anniversary Card w/Glimmer Mist

This 6" x 6" Anniversary card turned out larger than I originally anticipated but it kept the flower (Cricut cut from Flower Shoppe cart) from overpowering the card.  I also used Teresa Collins Sophisticated cartridge for both the words, and the diamond grid -- deciding to leave some of the solid diamond pieces in place.

The flower and words were both sprayed with "Candy Apple Red" Glimmer Mist, which can be pretty messy sometimes when it over-sprays and wanders away from the area you're working on.  But I found a great way to contain the mess with less stress!  Previously when I used any type of color misting on a project I would spray into a cardboard box.  This would work pretty well as the colored mist is then contained in the box.  However, the box would have to be set aside to dry before putting it away, not to mention being slightly bulky -- and when I'm busy working on a project I don't usually have a free spot on my desk for a bulky box.  So I started using my trash bin! 

Glimmer Mist Containment ...
and Lucky patiently waiting for some attention.

I keep a small trash/rubbish bin in my craft room lined with a plastic bag -- when I do any color misting on a project I lay the piece(s) into the trash bin, directly on top of what's in there usually at least 1/3 way down, and spray on my color.  This method usually works best if you have trash already in the bin--keep in mind, I use my 'craft room' trash bin so it's mostly filled with paper product.  For smaller pieces I set them on a piece of scrap cardstock before spraying, that way they don't get lost in the trash (I've done that before).  Most times I'll leave my pieces to dry while I continue working.  As you can imagine, clean-up is a breeze -- since it's already contained in the bin! 

NOTE:  If you don't have anything in your trash bin but the plastic bag liner, you can ball up a few more bags so your project pieces aren't lying at the bottom--it becomes more cumbersome to get them out & it's a bit messier that way.

I finished the inside of this card with a solid diamond grid cut (swiped over with CTMH White Daisy pigment ink), & the phrase, "Always & Forever".  I didn't glimmer mist the phrase completely, as I liked the look of the uneven coverage over the gray cardstock. 

After-thought:  I didn't realize, until after the glue dried, what a mess the dried glue made on the inside of the card.  I have a fix for this too...but I'll save that for another day.  =)

Until next time...Happy Misting!  Lisa


  1. Lucky is so cute! They do love to hang around us, don't they? Adorable anniversary card and I love how you used those diamonds! Hope your week is going well!

  2. love yr glimmer mist containment...Ill have to try that. lol, gerri


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