Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mister Zagg

I love Ranger's Mini Misters!  They're great for so many things (we'll get back to that), and I think they're fairly inexpensive as well--a nice bonus.  But you'd be surprised at what you might have around the house worth repurposing.  We recently bought our son a new phone; and everytime we buy a new phone we always buy the Zagg Invisible Shield for it's guaranteed protection.  But this is the first time I'd noticed that there is a small mister in each kit--no kidding!  These misters have a solution in them to help apply the screen cover, but is easily washed out and perfectly usable--and the labels peel right off too.  I dug out another of our kits we had put up, and grabbed the mister out of that one too.  One of the misters is the exact size of Ranger's Mini Mister, and the other was a tad bit larger.  But how cool is that?!  Had to pass on that bit of useful repurposing to you all, of course.

Getting back to why these misters are so fab:
1.  Small size to go anywhere/anytime, for all your crafting needs
2.  Delivers a fine mist, so heavy droplets don't weigh down your project in just one area.
3.  Fill the bottle with so many fun things -- great for lots of applications:
     - Fill mister with water, apply dye ink to stamp, mist inked stamp with water and press image onto cardstock for a watercolor print.
     - Fill mister 2/3's with water, add 4-5 drops of re-inker, spray over project a little or a lot--depending on the color coverage you like, let dry naturally or dry faster with heat gun
     - Great for distressing projects with a bit of water mist, scrunched up paper, and drying time
     - Fill with stamp cleaner to clean up stamps, dry on soft cloth/towel
     - Fill with walnut stain
     - Fill with Copic blending solution for your alcohol ink projects
4.  Use as a water mister when a bit of steaming is necessary for your small fabric projects

And SO much more!  You can google lots of information on how to use these misters, or check out YouTube for more project ideas.  Tim Holtz has a lot of videos I like watching for inspiration...try checking out some of those on YouTube for your inspiration (he uses the Mini Misters in a lot of his projects).  Here's a video to get your creative juices flowing...Tim Holtz Distress Ink & Mini Misters...Enjoy!

ETA - Best Buy (local electronics store) installs a lot of the Zagg film onto gadgets for their customers, which means they go through these misters very quickly.  I asked them what they do with them, and they said they throw them away!!  Whenever I'm in there, I ask if they have any emptys.  If they do, they give them to me.  Sometimes they'll combine misters that are low together, and give me the empty bottles.  Just thought you might be interested!

Happy Crafting!  Lisa

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