Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lincoln's Birthday Brochure Book & a Coin!

In a previous post, Paper Bag Books - Disney Vaca, I talked about the paper bag book I made for my DH for his birthday in 2009.  I had planned a trip to Springfield, IL to visit President Lincoln's home town and such (DH's favorite President).  I had obtained a brochure from the area and since Lincoln's 200th birthday celebration was going on at the time the brochure was all about visiting everything Lincoln!  I thought it would be great to condense it down to a smaller, more portable size and make it a bit more interactive--which ended up making it a great gift to showcase the trip I planned.  So using the brochure and paper lunch sacks I put together "Lincoln's Birthday Brochure Book", adding ribbon and a few embellishments, and finally leaving a bit of room for some pictures, once our trip was complete.  There were some great facts & trivia from the brochure that I made into tag cards to fit into the pockets of the bags--I left the back of the tags blank for additional photos/journaling.  And when we returned from our trip I added our tickets from seeing Lincoln's home & Presidential Museum which had even more trivia on them, as well as a few other bits of ephemera we collected. 

And since this all coincided with our local base USAF Arts & Crafts show (Fall 2009), I decided to enter the book into the show.  How exciting, and what an honor it was when I received a "Special Achievement Coin" for it, as well as it being chosen as one of the online gallery items showcased from our base, for the U.S. Air Force (2010)!  Woo Hoo!!  What a blessing!

This brochure book initially took about three hours to make--we took it with us on our trip, and it was invaluable for helping us navigate the places we really wanted to see while there.  I hope you enjoyed taking a look--you can see a picture of the coin I received on the side bar of my blog...thanks for stopping by!

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