Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful For...

What are you thankful for?  With Thanksgiving quickly approaching I find myself quite nostalgic of Thanksgivings past.  Being a military family away from "home", I really appreciate the times we've been able to get home for Thanksgiving--as well as our family coming and visiting us.  This year, it will just be the three of us since our older son isn't able to join us either--However, we'll still have our traditional large Turkey dinner I'll be preparing, since my DH loves his leftovers.  I love cooking (and eating), so I actually look forward to it.  I'm so thankful for my family!

But I wanted to actually create this post in honor of my son, Cody.  He came home yesterday asking to bake cookies for his teachers -- he's been taking a Foods class this semester and loves it.  He's always helped me out in the kitchen from time to time, and last year I was telling him I wanted him to start learning to do a bit more cooking & baking--so that when he gets on his own in a few years he can take care of himself (and maybe invite his parents over for dinner sometime).  That's when he decided he'd take a Foods class during his 10th grade year--and it's strictly cooking, so he's really enjoying it.  Anyway...I digress--I guess he had talked to my DH about helping a girl in his class pass out cookies for her.  She asked him to give a cookie to a particular teacher, and that teacher happened to be talking with another teacher at the time.  He had only one cookie to give and felt terrible that the other one was left out--that's when he decided to come home and bake some himself.  He wanted some for his teachers, extras--just in case, and enough left over for our family too.  I was so impressed--and proud.  Cody has such a good heart--I'm so Thankful for Cody!

I stayed up a bit longer last night to do up some quick cookie packets--he would've been happy just handing them out with a napkin--but it was simple process.  I stamped "Thankful For"  (Stampin' Up Elegant Beginnings stamps) on the front of leafprint scrapbook cardstock (CS), folded it in half and stapled it the top of the cello bags they were packaged in.  I used Tim Holtz' Odds & Ends ticket stamp 'Limited Edition' for the back, and Cody added his name.  I was going to have Cody write the teacher's names on each, but thought that would be too time consuming to rummage through and find the right one.  So instead I stamped "you" and overstamped with a CTMH leaf print, before attaching it to the front of the bag.  For a quick treat bag I thought they turned out well.   As he was leaving for the bus this morning he had one in hand for the bus driver--now won't that be a nice surprise!

I'm Thankful For You--all my blog readers & blog guests!
I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! 
And may God bless you and your loves ones! 

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