Friday, September 24, 2010

Gift Card-a-Lope

Gift Cards, tickets, and small gift items can be sent in the mail for so much cheaper than packages.  Since we always seem to be stationed away from home, we end up mailing a lot of packages...especially at Christmas time.  You can spend a little extra on their gift card when you consider how much you're saving on shipping charges.  However, when hand delivering a gift in a card I always feel a bit embarassed to just hand over an envelope.  And that's where this little beauty comes in.

I made the box out of decorative cardstock leftovers using my Crafter's Companion.  Then I made a fun gift card holder out of an Envelope!

Have a look through the pictures, as I walk you through the simple steps.

I created the box using my Crafter's Companion, and notched the sides w/a circle punch  for easy access.  But you can make any box to fit your gift--just measure length/width of your card.  Add 1/8" inch to each side, plus an extra 1/2" or more (depending on the depth you'd like your box), mine was 1" (I added tea packets under my card for added depth & giftiness).  Score all four sides at depth determined--do not include extra 1/8"--and fold towards center.  On both long sides at each corner, cut on fold line from edge to horizontal line (cut to depth 1") -- you'll make 4 cuts.  Glue tabs to sides to create bottom of box.  Create box top as above EXCEPT add an additional 1/8" to length/width--again...don't include it when scoring the depth of your box.  This is so easy to make with the Crafter's Companion without as much measuring, but at least you have options.  =)

I created a simple belly band by taking a 2" strip of paper, wrapping it around the card and gluing it together.  I stamped Happy Birthday with CTMH Stamp set "Gracious Greetings".   I attached a tag to the front of card, added a ribbon, and stamped "Friendship"

Can you see the Envelope?  Pretty cool, huh!  Fold a squared off envelope in half.  Open the flap and cut the center line down to the horizontal line at the top of the envelope.  Use a corner rounder on the four corners of the two flaps.  With top flaps open, cut off the vertical side flaps of the envelope that usually holds the card in place.  Embellish w/decorative paper & any flat embellishments (I used stamps).

For Liners...cut deco paper to size:  measure your envelope from top of open flap to bottom of envelope, and width from side to center.  Reduce measurements by 3/4" off length, and 1/4" off width.  Corner round top two corners of liners & slide into pocket.  Fold pocket down, holding liner in place to acheive correct fold.  Open flap up and adhere liner to top of flap only--when the flap is folded down the liner will move freely.  I used my Cuttlebug to emboss a tag & used a ribbon that wouldn't bunch up.  I added my gift ticket to other side.

Add deco paper to back panel, embellish, and finish!

I made these Gift Card-a-lope's last Christmas as well, except I cut off the top right side envelope flap and put a piece of cardstock over it for the card (Bo Bunny papers), closing off the opening on the right side.  I left it a little taller to peek out the top when closed.  I used a ribbon in place of the belly band, and made an envelope out of cardstock by laying the card on the it caddycorner and wrapping the cardstock around the card.  I cut off the excess and glue together the bottom & side edges like an envelope.  I added an embossed star to the flap, and the mix-matched corners on the envelope made it look like you were opening some fun!

Explore the possibilities -- they're easy, you can use up your scraps, and they're quick to make.

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