Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Candy Drawers...and More

Candy Box re-do...my chipboard flowers fit inside nicely + room for more!
So, my friend in Australia sent me these cool boxes of candy, that opened up like a drawer.  While nibbling on the chocolates (which were oh, so good) I was checking out the box design, which is in essence like a large match box -- I decided I did not want to toss the boxes (I know, big shocker).  I love storage ideas and such, so I thought maybe they would be great for left over die cuts, bits & pieces of ephemera, etc.  I cased them first, so I could create a template I can use for making my own (that's a later project). 

I decided to keep it basic (for now).  I covered the outside logos on all sides with black cardstock using an aggressive adhesive (I use Scor-Tape).  Then, I added some decorative paper to finish off the design, and lined the inside with the same.  A very simple re-do!  When I decide what I actually want to put in them, I'll label the front drawers & add embellishments.  Until then, I'm loving the simplicity of the boxes. 
When it comes to re-purposing, the possibilities are endless!

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  1. You are seriously so imaginative!!! I love it!!!


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