Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anyone Got A Tissue?

We go through  lot of tissues at my house.  As with many of you, I first choose on softness, then on design.  At some point, several years ago, I got a box I just hated to throw away...that got me thinking that repurposing the empty boxes made sense.  I had just started making my own cards, and was always looking to keep it economical, so I decided to see if I could incorporate them into cards & other crafts.  I've sent many tissue box cards worldwide, and have taught many workshops on repurposing...but until I told them what they were made of, no one could guess.  I've had students say the cards looked a bit familiar, but couldn't place their origins.  I've continued using tissue boxes ever since! 

This sidestep teacup card was made with the side panel flap.
The teamugs were from a side flap, the leaves & blue effect
were front/back panels.  The blue tag swings behind panel.
The artistic front panel doesn't need much embellishing.
Made from the perforated top tab of the Kleenex brand box.
Tissue box front/back panels -- Fanciful Flight diecut butterfly,
color my world sticker, & flocked clouds adorning a front panel.
The examples I'm showing you today show me using the front/back, side panels, & top punch outs.  As I've mentioned before, I've always sent my cards on their way and for years never took a picture of anything I made.  Gradually I started photographing a few, and of course since I've started blogging I'm clicking the camera a bit more.  Of course these tissue boxes are great for more than just cards -- I can't give it all away just yet.  =)  If you're wanting more information on any of the cards, please leave me a comment and I will respond personally to you.  Keep coming back to watch my blog, or subscribe to my posts, and you won't miss a thing.

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