Friday, May 28, 2010

Cruising & Chalkboards

I've been away for a couple weeks on an Alaskan cruise -- and what a wonderful time we had.  The weather was beautiful, and the scenery absolutely amazing.  When I was about 12 years old I remember my Grandmother coming home from an Alaskan cruise and showing us some pictures that were so amazing that I determined some day I would take my own Alaskan cruise.  This was the time!  Pictures really don't do it justice though--but what a relaxing and refreshing adventure we had.  And I think whale watching might have been the pinnacle of our time there.  It just didn't get old...well, except for the one rough day at sea we had.  But I didn't get seasick, so that's a bonus.  And watching everyone try to walk on deck...that was just hillarious.  But anyway...moving right along--

Just before we left, though I'm just now posting it, I finished up a project I'd been thinking about for some time.  A while ago the local framing shop was selling mat board inventory for an incredible low cost.  So I picked up a bunch (a whole lot) for some "down the road" projects.  Then just recently, Hobby Lobby had their wood frames on sale for 50% off and I was just so excited to pick up a couple for the Mother's Day gifts I had planned.  I barely finished in time, in addition to packing for our cruise. 

I cut both foam core and mat board to fit the frame, then spray painted the mat board with chalkboard paint.  Note:  be sure to read the instructions on the paint can for a good curing.  I didn't need to add any further backing to the frame, but a decorative backing adds a nice finishing touch.  For the front, I added some decorative ribbon, and stamped some words with Archival Black Ink--after the ink dries there's no smearing.  Also, I used clear embossing powder and heat embossed an image to the front of the chalkboard.  I thought it added a bit of dimension...and for my Mom's I loved the wet look for the "coffee ring & drips".

On the computer I created a title block & images that I distressed with Distress ink before I laminated them.  My mother's was for her kitchen, and my mother-in-law's was for her Scrapbook Room. 
It was fun to make and very simple.  I added the laminated card to the front of the frame with velco so that it could be removed if needed to clean the complete board, or a new Title Card can be added in it's place.  Also, with the Title Card attached to the front as is, it gives you a place to put your chalk behind it.  They loved their gifts, and I was able to make it in a weekend...which included my drying/curing time.  I just love quick fun projects!


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  1. The work done by you is really appreciable i wish i could be so talented too. I also liked your trip to Alaska and planning for me a same one.


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