Friday, May 7, 2010

The Bird Was Framed!

So...I found this frame at the Thrift Store last summer.  Both the picture and the backing were torn, but the frame was lovely, so I figured I'd find some way to use it later.  One of Tim Holtz new Alterations dies is the Caged Bird, which I cut and distressed with Distress Ink.  I love the look of it, but I wasn't sure how I wanted to display it.  When to what do my wandering eyes appear?  But a miniature frame, just sitting there -- yeah...anyway-- with just a smidge of a trim the birdcage fit inside the frame perfectly.  I added ribbon to hang (just by stapling it to the back).  It was pretty cool in the window with no backing, but it just needed a bit something more.  So I added a backing and cut out backgrounds I could slide into the back...for whenever the birdie needs a change of scenery.  I've only added two so far, but can you guess what they are made out of?  My backgrounds were cut out of kleenex boxes! be exact.  I use them for some amazing cards too...and so much more.  I always buy my kleenex boxes based on the picture.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this quick one. 
Thanks for stopping by....Lisa


  1. How crafty! I love the idea of using the pictures on kleenex boxes! Great way to reuse, thanks for sharing!


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