Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tag Booklet Tutorial

I recently posted  "It's From Her Treasure" about a package of goodies I received, in which we were to use some of the supplies to make something.  I ended up creating a Tag Booklet out of a manila folder -- and I'm finally getting around to posting the tutorial.  =)

First to note, is that all manila file folders are not created equal...in size, that is.  The size won't affect this tutorial, as it will work with any size, but it might affect the size of your tags, which you can cut accordingly.  It's pretty simple to make, and easy to modify to your specific taste, should you desire to do so. 

1.  Open file folder so that it lays open flat & wide.
2.  Fold the bottom edge up so that it is flush with the top edge.  Trim off extending tab, so the file is flush on that side (my tab happened to be on the right side).
3.  Starting with the left side, fold the left edge to the center fold line of the folder. 
4.  Fold the right side, so that the right edge is approximately 1/4" to the right of the center fold line (of the folder).

Click on the photo for a closer view

5.  Using a ruler, draw a vertical pencil line to connect the top of the center fold line to the bottom edge.  Draw a second line from where you left off (bottom edge) to the top of the right middle fold line.  Draw a third line from the top of the same middle fold line to the bottom right corner edge.  You should have a triangle drawn in pencil on the right side, plus a line down the center fold of the booklet.
6.  Cut on your pencil lines and set aside triangle cutouts for use in another project. 

7.  Fold over center vertical cut approximately 1/4" to the left (you will need to scissor-snip 1/4" on the bottom to fold it without tearing).  Complete Step #8, then staple or glue both 1/4" ends in place to create a micro-pocket (I used Tim Holtz' tiny fastener).
8.  Open left side flap and adhere glue or double-sided adhesive strip (I used Scor-tape) down middle fold of left side, and complete across the top edge of the folder.  Close flap over and press to seal.  You will have two pockets for the left side -- one on the far left and one to the left of the center fold line.  To finish your additional micro-pocket, see the end of Step #7.
9.  Open right side triangle flap and adhere glue strip down middle fold of triangle -- fold back over and adhere to create two more pockets.
10. Fold both left & right sides toward the center, create extra pockets by cutting two **rectangular cardstock mats (mine were sized 3 3/4" x 5 1/4"), adding adhesive on three sides, and attaching to the folder. 
**To create two additional "Sash" pockets, cut a shape of cardstock to fit the front of the mats (mine were ovals approx. 3 3/8" x 1 3/4"), attach ribbon to both sides of shape and attach behind rectangle mats before adhering mats to folder.**
FINISH -- Fold folder in half to create your booklet.  Decorate & embellish as desired, and insert a variety of your favorite tags! 

For more photos of the finished book, check out the original post ---> HERE

Fully Opened Booklet -- center left shows micro-pocket
Booklet Folded in Half -- showing sash pockets

You could make this into an interactive greeting card with lots of hidden pockets -- great for both kids and adults alike.  Or a gift book of tags, teabags, etc., to give someone a bit of a "Pick-Me-Up".  Or fill it with pictures for the Grandparents.  And so much more...

Give it a try, and maybe you'll make someones day today -- maybe even your own!  Happy Crafting -- Lisa


  1. Gorgeous Lisa, love how you pieced it together. I immediately recognized the paper!

  2. Fabulous! Love the mix of stamping and patterned papers, Lisa. And thanks for the chuckle in your time management comment on my blog... when you figure it out, please let me know! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Oh, Wow... this is Fabulous! I'm gonna go play with this right now.. love this! Thanks for sharing.. I'll let you know when mine is done.


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