Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chocolate Kisses in a Box

So I get a text message from my son Nathan, now 22, reminding me that he loves Cherry Cordial Hershey Kisses.  I thought it was funny and sweet actually, that he thought I might need an idea for him for Valentines Day.  LOL  I picked up on his "hint", and picked up his favorite kisses the other day--I decided I wanted to package them up in the fun candy boxes I used to give the kids when they were younger.  So it was cool that Cricut's Love Struck Cartridge has that very same box. 

I needed to make it quite a bit larger to hold Hershey kisses instead of candy hearts, so I used my Gypsy to size the box width to 11 1/2" from My Minds Eye Be Loved Sweethearts cardstock.  The original cut had a heart cut out of the box front--I used contour to hide the heart, and cut out the Monogram letter "N" instead, from Gypsy Font.  I wanted to stabilize the box a bit more than just cardstock for holding the kisses, so I used some plastic packaging to stabilize the inside front & back of the box, securing it to the cardstock with score tape.  I added a bit of ribbon & Barn Door Distress Ink to the box--but nothing too girly.  ha ha

You may not notice, but I actually have the box upside down.  There's a tab that fits into a slot meant for securing your goodies for the opening, but I chose to use that as the bottom of my box--which I secured with scor-tape for a good seal.  I wanted the flap for the opening, but I was wasn't sure how to secure it down so that he could open it without tearing it up...and close it back up again when he wasn't scarfing down chocolates.  Initially I was thinking I'd have to use a sticker, but sometime before Christmas I bought some Post-it Craft Paper.  I hadn't even opened the package, but when I went to find a sticker it was sitting on top of my stash--the lightbulb (in my head) went off, and I decided I'd use that instead.  I cut out a 2 1/2" shadow heart w/banner from the Love Struck cart, and because I only had blue Post-it paper...I inked it with more Barn Door ink, and heat embossed it with Stampendous Ruby Red embossing powder.  When it was dry I smudged the edges of the banner with Black Soot Distress Ink, and wrote "Chocolate Cherry Kisses" over the banner (momentary lapse of memory that they were Cherry Cordials--even though the bag was right in front of me). 

I filled the box with the kisses, took the backing off the Post-it paper and sealed the box!  The box held nearly a whole bag of Hershey kisses!  Well, all but the couple (or so) I ate while crafting.  I sent the box on it's postal way via those video size postage boxes--it fit perfectly with his Valentine's card that I forgot to take a picture of.  It was a fun, quick project that didn't take me more than 30 minutes to make...if even that. 

Thanks for stopping by...and have a crafty weekend! Lisa


  1. quick and clever. Great little gift. Thanks for sharing. Have a fab day

  2. I just joined your and now I'm one of your followers. Please come and join mine at
    I'm new at this stuff andwanting to learn from the best. You are good and I love what I see. I take care of my terminally ill husband and we live off SSD and that isn't much. So to be honest with you I come onto the hive to help myself and learn all I can from the best and also try to win some gifts. Things that I can't afford to buy. But what fun I am having from going from blog to blog and meeting a lot of different people. I hope you read these. I hear from other people that most of the owners of the blog don't read them on here. Thank you for sharing.
    Donna Scrapp'n Nana


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