Friday, December 10, 2010

Snowman Buttons

When I went off to college, many years ago, my Mom used to send me seasonal pins to wear for the various holidays, I still have most of them.  When I got older and had kids, I carried on the tradition by buying them pins to wear during the holiday seasons.  One year I saw these snowman button pins in a Family Fun magazine--which incidentally is a GREAT magazine if you have young kids and like finding a variety of ways to spend quality time together.  I started making these snowmen with my kids, and my Sunday School students.  They would always make one for themselves, and the others would be gifts for a parent, teacher, and even for friends.  They're great boxed up, or even as a gift and a card in one.  They're easy to make and quick too (only need a bit of drying time for the glue) -- and repurposing old buttons is a bonus!

LoveLee Recipe:  2 white buttons (w/2 thread holes), 1 piece of stiff black felt for hat, 1 piece of stiff black or white felt for backing, 1 piece of red felt, ribbon, or torn material for scarf, and pin backing. 

1. Take the two white buttons--glue one button into position as the head, with the thread holes horizontal for the eyes, onto a scrap piece of black or white felt (black felt makes the eyes & body buttons look like coal, while the white makes them blend in like snow).
2. Glue the second button into position beneath the head, with the thread holes vertical for the body buttons.  Cut off excess felt around the buttons, leaving a bit on either side of the neck area for stability. 
3. Cut a portion of red felt, or other material, for snowman's scarf -- wrap around neck & glue in place--this will hide the extra felt showing around neck area. 
4. Cut black felt to resemble a hat and glue on head (top button) with a bit of a tilt.
5. Finally, glue pin backing onto back of felted buttons and let dry completely.

A couple other fun ideas, in case you don't want it as a pin -- add another layer of felt to back of snowman holding a pencil in between layers, and only glue top and sides of felt.  Remove pencil & let dry--makes a cute pencil topper.  Use it on a card as decoration only.  Attach a ribbon hanger inbetween a second layer of felt to make it into an ornament.  And, quickly dress up a plain gift tag.  Most of all...just have fun with it.

---"it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

Merry Christmas crafting--Lisa

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