Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giveaway at Yours Artfully!

Hi guys...just a quick post today before I return my PC for a new one...YEAH Me!! Took it in last night and it looks like it was an internal error rarely found.  One of the problems even the Geek Squad hadn't seen it before -- of course it would happen to me.  BUT...I'll be happy to have the problem eradicated completely!  Too bad I'll have to take an entire day to re-load again all the programs and such...but good news, is still good news!  =)

Now onto the GIVEAWAY!  Lin at Yours Artfully is hosting a giveaway for Pan Pastels which you can sign up for HERE until September 30th, 2011.  I haven't tried these yet but the samples on her blog are great, and of course it's always great to try new products and expand the creativity.  She explains more about Pan Pastels on her blog in another post ---> HERE

I also wanted to mention that I first saw this great giveaway over on friend Kathy's blog -- Inkin' It Up, which another great blog you should check out. 

Aren't Giveaways fun?  Best of luck!  Lisa


  1. Have fun with the new computer! What problems were you having with this one or by the time you read this, the old one? Every time I turn around, I have something weird going on here and I bought this in Novemember.

  2. loved your pretty park bench.nice coloring. We are having a big yardsale this weekend so Ill be tired on Monday. LOL. hope blogger lets me leave a may say I am anoymous...but its me gerri!

  3. Oh on my you make me smile orange tag. the flower is from the flying unicorn shop and it had a metal center. I just added stickles. sorry no clever use of a brad on my part. lol!


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