Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SNT Tuesday - Organized Embellies

Hello blogger friends!  As I'm enjoying my cuppa Typhoo English tea, I'm thinking about the day ahead and all the fun projects I'm working on.  My young nephew's book is first on my agenda to finish -- and I'm hoping to do a YouTube demo showing his interactive book once completed.  That's about all I can say on that for now...but keep checking in, I'm hoping to have it posted by next week (fingers crossed)!

The handles fold down flat for optimizing storage space.
For now I have a great tip about how I organize my small embellishments & embossing powders which makes them also easy to transport.  It's one of the few organizing products I own that it's rare to find a sale on.  But I've not found anything else to compare to their  value, as yet.  Whenever I open one of them up at a crop I get lots of Ooo's & Ahhh's over the vast number of embellishments that fit inside.  They are made by the Close To My Heart (CTMH) company, and are called "My Accents Organizer" ($17.95).  They are 2" in depth, measure 12" x 10", have a handle for easy carrying, and hold 60 clear "Craft Jars" sold separately in sets of six ($3.50). 

UNFORTUNATELY, the organizers are no longer in their catalog for sale (the craft jars are still available).  I called my local rep to ask about it and she is putting out the word to some other consultants if they have any left to sell, or if they have any used ones at a reduced price for sale.  You can contact her directly on her website if you're interested, and she'll get back with you right away - Briana's CTMH website is ---> HERE

A couple other tips on finding these organizers would be to check out the Consultant Locator for reps in your local area to see if they are able to obtain any for you.  Periodically check Ebay -- at the writing of this, Ebay has two available (search: CTMH organizers).  Local thrift shops/garage sales might be another place to check as well.  I found one of my organizers at the local thrift shop for $5.00--I admit, that was a great find.

SPECIAL NOTE TO CTMH CONSULTANTS -- if you have some of these organizers left to sell, new or used, please comment on this post with your web address or email so others that may be interested can contact you.

Alternatively, if you aren't able to afford these organizers, or if you are unable to find them, -- maybe this posting will give you some ideas about what type of storage to look for to give you similar results.

The handles make it so easy for transporting to crops!
I labeled the front of my organizers with what I have in them, and have them stacked on a bookshelf for easy access.   Most of my smaller embellishments fit in these small jars such as: brads, eyelets, buttons, baubles/dew drops, & miscellaneous type items.  I also have the majority of my embossing powders portioned out in the small clear jars, & labeled with a Sharpie -- I keep the regular sized jars put away in a separate drawer until I need to refill the jars.

Embossing Powders, Baubles, & more
A great tip for buying embossing powders is to find a friend, split the cost,
and share the powder using small jars -- the powders go a long way and this is a good
way to experiment with a lot of different colors, while helping your money go further.
Brads, Buttons, & Confetti
A surprising amount of fun goodies fit into these small jars!
Eyelets & Miscellaneous items
This was the one I found at the Thrift Store for $5. I had an extra eyelet setter
I wasn't using, and added it to this box -- handy to have, just in case.
I don't get as much use out of my Acrylic Block organizer anymore (though I keep them, as I like the weight of them for some stamp impressions).  I've since moved to using Tim Holtz' Grid Blocks.  These are FABULOUS, come in a great variety of sizes, and take up very little room.  Tim is sharing a great way to store these on his blog today that you'll love--I think he said it cost him 69 cents for the storage!  I'll be sharing my storage idea for stamps & such next week (stay tuned).

I don't have all the acrylic blocks filled with CTMH blocks, but this
was another great thrift store find, I forgot about, I didn't want to pass up.
The bookshelf I keep these on is in the closet.  When my craft room is cleaned up nicely, it still makes a great, small extra bedroom for guests.  I'll be showing my workspace sometime next month, and you'll get the big picture of why I need to find creative solutions for organization.

Thanks for hanging out with me today. 
Happy Dayz --  Lisa

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