Friday, January 28, 2011

Crafty Storage & A Snack too

My son likes beef sticks in his school lunches.  I found these snack sticks by Old Wisconsin that have the pre-wrapped meats in them.  What's really cool about them, is that they are in sturdy clear packaging without writing on them.  So you just remove the cardboard sleeve, and peel off the tape, and you have a little crafty storage container!  I love these--and almost always I can find internet coupons for the snacks.  I'd say that's a Win/Win!  I have a small shelf they fit perfectly on.  I like to leave the lids off for easy access, but I keep them underneath each container so I can seal them up and take them with me if I need to.  I'll eventually use my label maker to organize them even better--once I decide what I want in each one.  But I love the different sizes (different snacks), and they stack up great on my shelf. 

Just thought I'd pass on another of my favorite repurposed items. 

Thanks for stopping by,  Lisa

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