Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thrift Store Finds & More

I love the idea of finding something not being utilized, and repurposing it into something for which it was not originally intended.  And, I'm not above asking for a certain item if I see someone throwing something away, or for an item they're decidedly not using.  And don't get me started on garage sales and thrift stores -- oh the things you can find!  My husband has a different opinion on this method of acquiring items -- which is, "don't acquire them".  ha ha.. And so we've worked it out, that if I can keep my pile of items waiting to be recycled pretty much outta sight, then he's okay with it.  Oddly enough, he's even started bringing me home items he finds, as well as offering me his medicine bottles and such before he throws them away.  I think he's coming along rather nicely.  =)

During the summer I've picked up a few items at the Thrift Store that were pretty cool:  an old "Windsor Club" pasteurized cheese box, some unused packs of Dolce & Gabbana blotter pads, a black Barbie box, and a wooden treasure box w/broken lock.  My mom gave me her laminate samples as well, one of which I used in an earlier post in a heat embossed key chain.  Also, as I tend to enjoy my chocolate when I'm crafting, the gold wrapper is another salvaged item that will be useful in a later project.

My son is already put dibs on the wooden box, so I'll have to finish that project sooner (rather than putting it off), and the Barbie Box is one of MY favorites, as I love the blue contrast on the inside of the box!   Barbie is only identified on the bottom of the box, otherwise I wouldn't have known.  I got it for 50 cents. I had to repair the picture frame on the front and add a new piece of acetate.  Then I just added a bit of bling and a white die cut flower from Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die.  I'm not sure what I'll use these items for just now.  But as I get to it, I'll add a new post.  I do love that the cheese box fits the blotters just perfect as well as gift cards and such.  But I'm thinking I'll use the blotters for ATC's (Artist Trading Cards), and the cheese box for storing them.  More to come on that...but for now, I'm just enjoying the hunt.

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